Received 20k views in one day on youtube!

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and 2,600 despite being shadow banned on Facebook 

“I wrote the song “Sheep” to wake people up to the reality that 90% of the mainstream media are lying to the American People. The lying, fake, criminal mainstream media are truly the enemy of the people. The Sheep are the people that believe those lies and act on them in heinous ways, divorcing their partners, ending relationships with friends and family, rioting and setting fire to colleges like Antifa, and trying to get people fired from their jobs, all because the American people voted for the candidate that they didn’t want them to. Cancel culture is authoritarianism.


People who believe the mainstream media lies are Sheep. I wrote the song to un-sheep the sheeple. Only the Sheep need Facebook to tell them what is true or false. People have the power to decide for themselves what is true or not. Zuckerberg is not the gatekeeper for reality. Do you your own research, make up your own mind, and stop trying to destroy people’s lives for disagreeing with you. Oh, and Trump is still your President. Deal with it.”  – Ricky Rebel