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(LOS ANGELES) April 13, 2015 … From the USA to the UK, China and Australia, DJs in 15 countries are spinning Ricky Rebel’s “Star” remixes by Billboard chart-topping DJs Hector Fonseca (15 number-ones for artists including Beyonce, Sia and Katy Perry) and Casey Alva (Erika Jayne) as well as Tommy Love. Following the release of the “Star” remixes on April 1, Ricky also became the number-four top-trending hashtag in the USA on Twitter.* The “Star” remixes are available at www.Audio4Play.com and www.iTunes.com.

“Ricky has a classic yet totally fresh and unique voice,“ Hector says. “His style, persona and drive make him the total package.”

“Star” is an autobiographical look at Ricky’s musical career. He was previously discovered by Michael Jackson, toured with Britney Spears, signed to Michael Jackson’s label at Sony, then Madonna’s Maverick label as the former lead vocalist of No Authority before later embarking on a solo career.

The remixes include:

  •   Hector Fonseca Remix (Ibiza-inspired mix with a sexy vibe and progressive undertones.)
  •   Hector Fonseca & Tommy Love Tribal Dub (A hot Tribal mix full of drums and attitude.)
  •   Casey Alva Radio Edit (A shorter version.)
  •   Casey Alva Remix (A Circuit makeover with house roots at the base.)”My goal in writing ‘Star’ is to inspire people around the world to stop hesitating when it comes to going after their dreams,” Ricky explains. “Ask for what you want, tell people who you are and share your possibility. It’s not enough to think ‘I am a star’. You have to say it out loud and enroll people in that possibility. That’s how dreams manifest. I wrote it for my fans who doubt themselves. I want them to know that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

    “Star” is the opening track from “The Blue Album”, produced by Claudio Cueni (JLo). “The Blue Album” is a journey of decadent, glam-pop rebel-music tracks with hints of Adam Lambert and Madonna. The songs are musical stories of love, loss, ambition, inspiration, rebellion, salvation and living unapologetically without fear.