Ricky Rebel Performs live at RAGE For a Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center Fundraiser

By Bohemian Tarot


The first time I saw Ricky Rebel it was at “Out at the Fair” in Del Mar.  Ricky had performed with his Rebel Mafia, hence his complete band and sultry dancers in a performance that not only caught my eye, but left me all out hypnotized with dance, costume, color, meaning, texture, energy and a voice like a sea siren that would continue to call me back for more!

So, as you can guess, I was elated to find out Ricky Rebel would be performing at the Rage Night Club in West Hollywood for the PopCat event to benefit suicide prevention, at a great venue and for a good cause!  And to my delight, I was more than pleased to discover that the Rage venue was intimate, cozy and it gave me the perfect opportunity to get an up close and personal view of the costumes, dance moves, theatrical art, and essentially also feel at the center of the performance myself.

It was just nearing midnight when the Ricky Rebel performance began.  The curtains were finally lifted and Ricky burst out energetically onto the stage, a perfect mix between Dionysus and Bowie in space age suit with two seductive male dancers.  The first song performed was called Boys & Sometimes Girls and is a tribute to owning your sexuality, authentically, and unapologetically.  It’s not just a song about coming out of the closet, but about living honestly, and not forcing yourself into a gay or straight binary.  Ricky sings, “You want what I’ve don’t try to fake it.  You want what I’ve got, why don’t you take it.”  Like Dionysus, the Greek god of theater, epiphany and ritual ecstasy, his words are not just sexy, but also encourage others to live honestly, enraptured, taking their life into their hands celebrating their truth.  Then he sings, “You wanna get with me welcome to my world, I like the boy, boys, boys, boys and sometimes girls.”  At this point the female dancers are now out on the stage and join in the dancing like Dionysus’ satyrs and maenads who move ecstatically, dancing synchronized and mesmerizing the audience.  His choreography is reminiscent of both Madonna’s Vogue style along with a taste of Michael Jackson’s large synchronized performances, AND this was just the beginning!

Next up Ricky performed “Savior”, a song and performance that touches upon a lot of deep archetypal longings of the human condition.  This song speaks to how people can sometimes put their lovers and role models onto pedestals attempting to turn them into personal saviors, and imbuing them with superhuman powers when they really are just people like us.  In his golden Ziggy Stardust suit, his two dancers dawn him with a golden, flowing and magical cape. Ricky sings, “I can be your savior, your savior oh, or I can be your friend.”  At this point Ricky Rebel begins spinning round and round, splaying out the golden cape in a perfect tempo at which I swear I can almost see glowing sparks and glitter flying off his regal attire. The spinning reminds me of the whirling dervishes that I have seen in Egypt where Sufi disciples spin in a meditative dance to honor, God, the Universe, and the rotation of the planets. The magic of this song is in realizing that we can also be ‘Saviors’, not only to ourselves, but to others as well, by being fully present for them, intimate, and as Ricky states a genuine friend.

Finally, the showstopper is Ricky Rebel’s hit single, the song “Star.”  This is certainly the ‘Rebel’ signature piece, and embodies the totality of what Ricky Rebel is about as a performance artist and the message of his work.  “Star” is the proclamation that we all have the right to express and shine our light unapologetically.  As Ricky has stated in interviews, “We are all Stars.”  The story line, expresses his dream to perform and shine his light for all others to see and witness.  Ricky moves hypnotically as he sings, “When you believe it, you will achieve it.  Anything is possible.  I am a Star.” The deep message of the song “Star” is that we are all a Universal spark of divinity, sacred, and a conduit of Universal wisdom.  He encouragingly sings, “Listen to your heart, you were born to be a Star!”  Next, two of his dancers lift him up, and hold him to the stars, rotating him up in the air, before the audience as he takes on the formation of the cross.  One may question at this time, symbolically, “Who is actually lifting who?’ and that is just the point.  Does the energy and message of the Savior and Star lift us, or do we lift the Savior?  Truth is, we are all here to lift each other!  We are all sacred, we are all Saviors, and we are all Stars. The dancers, place him down elegantly and Ricky and his ‘Rebels’ all burst out in dance and gala like the grand finale of an epic firework display!

In the end we have seen Ricky as a Savior, a Star, and a Lover of all, and his message to the audience is that we are all, each one of us, all of these things too.  Overall the night was classic, imbued with theater, art, magic, and metaphor.  I am not sure where else you could get this much depth and entertainment out of a three-song set.   Every detail, move, gesture, costume piece, accessory, is deliberate, and part of the story and mystery of what makes Ricky Rebel.  Whether you see his show at a concert venue or a club performance the act is nothing less than astonishing art.  So, you probably won’t ask if I am still star struck, because the answer is clear, ABSOLUTELY!  My gaze has been captured by a shooting Star, and my one wish is for you to witness the brightness and brilliance of Ricky Rebel too! –

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